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What you need to know about

Emergency Dentistry

Accidents can happen at any time. That’s why Fresh Smiles offers same day appointments to patients who have had an accident or are suffering from severe dental pain. We offer efficient, fast treatments to save your smile, and sedation dentistry to get you feeling better right away.

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What’s A Dental Emergency?

You may be wondering if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, or what qualifies as a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are usually caused by an accident, and are most often accompanied by bleeding or pain. The most common dental injuries are:

-A tooth that is knocked out

-Cracked or chipped teeth

-Loose teeth

-Oral tissue damage (cheek, tongue or gums)

But not all dental emergencies stem from an injury. Your mouth is extremely sensitive, and pain can come from a number of oral issues including:

-Periodontal disease

-Damaged or worn out crowns or fillings

-Severe tooth infection (causing toothache or headache)

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Our team can identify your problem and recommend the best course of treatment after a quick exam by Dr. Bower. But until you can get to our office, try over-the-counter painkillers or ice to keep yourself comfortable. Stop any bleeding with clean gauze and gentle pressure. And don’t play around with any damaged or loose teeth. It may be tempting wiggle teeth around, but resist the urge and see Dr. Bower as soon as possible.

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Dr. Bower and the Fresh Smiles team are ready to take care of all your oral health needs. Give us a call today at (484) 531-7410, or schedule an appointment online by clicking below. We look forward to meeting you!

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