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General Dentistry

The best way to care for your smile is to adopt good oral hygiene habits. This includes seeing a dentist regularly for more detailed cleanings, and also so they can monitor your oral health. At Fresh Smiles, you’ll receive attentive, comprehensive care at every checkup. We can identify potential problems before they occur, and suggest techniques or treatments to preserve your oral health. Looking for ways to save on dental care?

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Composite Fillings

Fillings are the best way to stop cavities from growing. They’re also one of the most common and simple treatments, using a composite resin (tooth-colored) material to fill the cavity. Fillings prevent further decay and are a minimally invasive procedure. When properly maintained, fillings can last over a decade.

Periodontal Cleanings & Care

Gum disease is no joke. If you don’t get proper cleanings, you risk a progression of the disease, leading to tooth loss as well as systemic health issues. Dr. Bower and the team at Fresh Smiles accept everyone with judgement-free care. As a conservative dentistry practice, we’ll always be honest about your oral health, and will only suggest the care that we feel is necessary. Find a partner in maintaining your oral health with Fresh Smiles.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

There’s no need to let your wisdom teeth cause you pain. With a thorough exam by Dr. Bower and the Fresh Smiles team, we can identify how your wisdom teeth are growing in and create a plan for extraction. If you’re concerned about potential pain or discomfort during the procedure, we offer sedation and anesthesia options that will keep you comfortable throughout. Interested in sedation options?

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