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Pediatric Dentistry

It’s important to start good oral hygiene habits early. At Fresh Smiles, we partner with parents to help teach proper brushing and flossing habits to children right from the start. In our office, your kids will be greeted with warm smiles and encouragement at every appointment, ensuring that they have a positive experience. We’re always available to parents to answer any questions, and to be your children’s oral health champions as they grow.

Their First Appointment

For young children, their first dental appointment is the most important one. At Fresh Smiles, we’ll do everything we can to make their experience memorable, and help your child feel safe and comfortable in our office. With the right first impression, your child can learn to see their dental appointments as enjoyable experiences, making it easy and more natural to take their healthcare seriously. In the event that your child needs restorative dental work, Dr. Bower and his team are equipped to deliver a pleasant experience for your child by using safe and effective nitrous oxide sedation.

Dental Sealants

Permanent adult teeth can grow in as young as age 5, and for some kids, extra protection is a smart way to keep cavities away. Dental sealants prevent cavities with a clear barrier that Dr. Bower paints directly onto each individual tooth. It’s a way to ensure that the surfaces of growing teeth are protected, and allows sugars, plaque and bacteria to easily be washed away. Young smiles stay healthier for longer with the protection of dental sealants.

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